A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. It involves placing things on the surface of a light sensitive material and then exposing them to light. Traditionally this process has been done using photographic paper.

I make my photograms using 8×10 film on which I place objects and substances like water and salt. In effect, I produce a hand made negative. This process makes it possible for me to enlarge the images and to get a “positive” view of what I arrange on the film. In some cases, I cut and scratch the film itself to suggest a variety of surfaces and volume. I do this to achieve a dimensional reality that I want these images to have, no matter how abstract they may be.

To me the excitement of this series lies in being able to work in ‘extra photographic’ ways using some of the techniques and syntax of printmaking and drawing.

I love the concrete surfaces in these photograms.