Production stills and video for After Monet

These images are part of a continuing project I call AFTER MONET. I made them in Monet’s Gardens in Giverny with my Tent/Camera in the summer of 2015. I love the way that the ground itself alters the view into an impressionistic rendering – naturally.

This coming April 2016 I will make more Tent and Camera Obscura photographs of the Rouen Cathedral, the Normandy region and in Etretat on the coast where Monet painted. I envision making a number of images related to the landscape of his paintings and of plants and flowers that may suggest the feeling of Monet at work. I will also work on photographing a number of paintings themselves giving them a new sense of lighting in order to approach the changing light in his series work. This is an evolving project that is still open to a number of approaches.

I hope that this work reflects a contemporary investigation of Monet’s spirit rather than a copy of what he already made – I want to drink from where he drank.