In my last project and book, Flowers for Lisa, I ended the series with a picture of a nosegay, similar to the one that Kim Novak buys in Vertigo. This nod to one of Hitchcock’s film made me think that I could start making a series of other photographs that respond and riff on certain visuals, moods and psychology embedded in his films. In the case of the Vertigo flower picture I was pretty faithful to the original moment.  In other cases what I’m making refers more obliquely to the original but, I hope, still keeps a sense of Hitchcock’s original vision -Ultimately I want my pictures to be strong on their own.

Funny how in trying to make a sort of a copy I have discovered subject matter, photographic approaches and new ways of putting things together that I would not have considered before. To me, many of these pictures don’t look like they are mine- I enjoy that a lot. Maybe it’s a new Abe!

I’m about half way done- I envision another twenty or so in the end. I have started to approach book publishers about a publication of this After Hitchcock concept. I also see these images making for a handsome exhibition somewhere. I hope that you find them interesting