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Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell
A film by Allie Humenuk

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Brief Synopsis

Working alone, Allie Humenuk, director of Shadow of the House, filmed Morell and his family for over 7 years both at home and abroad. During the film, Morell returns to Cuba for the first time since his escape in 1962. This decision, and the intense anger and fear it arouses in his family, forces him to wrestle with his sense of identity, familial allegiance, and cultural politics. Shadow of the House explores the intersection between these issues and Morell’s idiosyncratic artistic vision.

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Selected Reviews

Boston Globe: Movie Review by Mark Feeney - September 13, 2007

"Shadows are important for Abelardo Morell. An internationally acclaimed photographer who teaches at Massachusetts College of Art, Morell has to deal with them in his work. He also has spent his life living in the shadow of Cuba, which he fled with his parents and sister in 1962, when he was 13. Part of the beauty of Allie Humenuk's documentary about him, "Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell," is the way it gives shadows their due while never losing sight of the predominance of light in both Morell's art and life..."

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Art New England: Abelardo Morell: Stepping into the Light. By Raymond Liddell. August/September, 2007

"In Shadow of the House, Humenuk has transcended the "artist documentary" genre with an elegantly crafted, richly complicated portrait of the artist. It is a serendipitous collaboration between a gifted photographer and master cinematographer and teller of tales...." (8).

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BBC Four - The Genius of Photography - Episode I, Part 1

Featuring Abelardo Morell, June 2006
Go to minute 4:25 to watch Morell making a Camera Obscura in a Venetian Palazzo.

PBS: News Hour with Jim Lehrer

Interview with Abelardo Morell: A Book of Books (PDF;264KB)